The Church of Benjamin's Hope

Hello, I'm Eric Peterson, Pastor of The Church of Benjamin’s Hope. Nearly every day we hear from people who are lonely, and do not feel that they belong anywhere. I can only imagine how this must grieve God’s heart. We are compelled to respond.

Our mission statement for The Church of Benjamin’s Hope is “Connecting people of all abilities with Jesus and one another”. Having a vision for persons with and without visible disability worshipping, serving, and growing together is at the heart of all that we do. We believe deeply that this work of reconciling people that are different from one another is at the very center of the Kingdom of God. This is what Jesus taught about, and embodied. It’s really all about CONNECTION – connection with God through Christ and connection with one another!

I hope you will join us for The Gathering worship service at 6 PM on Sunday evenings right here on our campus.  Together we are moving toward real CONNECTION - with Jesus and one another. It is a joyous journey. Please come!

The Core Values of our church are:

  • TRANSCENDENT HOPE – Our foundational value is a shared and unwavering belief in the transforming power of the love of God seen in the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • DIGNITY-BASED COMMUNICATION – In a world where persons with disability are often presumed unintelligent, we presume the opposite and communicate with one another accordingly.

  • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – We celebrate all internal and external expressions of worship including traditional and non-traditional sounds and movements.

  • EVERYBODY MATTERS – We strive to have all persons – with and without visible disability – co-laboring in all aspects of church mission and ministry.