The Church of Benjamin's Hope


Hey friends!  Pastor Eric here. As we begin 2018, we’re focusing on “the basics” of the Christian faith, and one of the most foundational aspects of any walk with God is connecting with God’s Word to us, The Bible.  For 8 weeks between January and early March, we’re encouraging everyone connected to The Church of Benjamin’s Hope to participate in the Community Bible Experience.  This is a special version of the entire New Testament called “The Books of the Bible NIV” which is specifically designed for reading straight through – the specific chapter and verse references have been removed and it’s in a single column, more like a normal book that you’d read.  By reading about 12 pages a day, 5 days each week for 8 weeks (about 20 minutes of daily reading), you’ll read through the entire New Testament.  There is also a Bible listening experience for those among us who are non-readers or simply prefer to listen rather than read (see option #4 below).

There are 4 different ways you can choose to participate:

  • Pick up a hardcopy “Books of the Bible” New Testament at church! Suggested cost is $5, but if that’s a hardship feel free to simply take one. The daily readings are clearly marked and you’ll just read straight through, 5 daily readings each week for 8 weeks.
  • Download the “Community Bible Experience” app in the App Store on your Apple device and read on your iPhone or iPad. Simply go to the App Store, click the search button and type in “Community Bible Experience” in the search bar and the app should be the first one listed with a logo like the one above.  Click install and it will load on your device and then start reading! (sorry Android users – no app option for you.  See option 3 below for how to read on your computer or device through our website)
  • Navigate each day’s reading through this website – they are all listed below and can be clicked individually for each day. These will be PDF documents that will open on your computer once you download them.
  • For our non-readers or those who prefer a Bible listening experience, there are two options: A full audio of the days reading (about 20-25 minutes read by a narrator), or a briefer adaptation suitable for kids or those with shorter attention spans (about 10-15 minutes). Each of these is also listed below in mp3 format for you to download and then play by clicking the download.

My hope and prayer is that all among us will participate in this deeper dive into the Bible!

Hello, I'm Eric Peterson, Pastor of The Church of Benjamin’s Hope. Nearly every day we hear from people who are lonely, and do not feel that they belong anywhere. I can only imagine how this must grieve God’s heart. We are compelled to respond.

Our mission statement for The Church of Benjamin’s Hope is “Connecting people of all abilities with Jesus and one another”. Having a vision for persons with and without visible disability worshipping, serving, and growing together is at the heart of all that we do. We believe deeply that this work of reconciling people that are different from one another is at the very center of the Kingdom of God. This is what Jesus taught about, and embodied. It’s really all about CONNECTION – connection with God through Christ and connection with one another!

I hope you will join us for The Gathering worship service at 6 PM on Sunday evenings right here on our campus.  Together we are moving toward real CONNECTION - with Jesus and one another. It is a joyous journey. Please come!

The Core Values of our church are:

  • TRANSCENDENT HOPE – Our foundational value is a shared and unwavering belief in the transforming power of the love of God seen in the good news of Jesus Christ.

  • DIGNITY-BASED COMMUNICATION – In a world where persons with disability are often presumed unintelligent, we presume the opposite and communicate with one another accordingly.

  • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – We celebrate all internal and external expressions of worship including traditional and non-traditional sounds and movements.

  • EVERYBODY MATTERS – We strive to have all persons – with and without visible disability – co-laboring in all aspects of church mission and ministry.