Meet Krista


Benjamin’s Hope co-founder Krista Mason dreamed of a place where people like her son Ben could connect, belong and lead empowered and fulfilling lives. Over the course of establishing Benjamin’s Hope, Krista grew impassioned about advocating for the rights of those with differing abilities, particularly the right to self-determination and choice. 

Today, Krista speaks nationally on respecting choice and the needs, privileges, preferences, and well-being of children and adults who experience life differently than the neural typical population. For Krista, the Live, Learn, Play, Worship model is essential to supporting adults of all abilities in leading fulfilling lives.

Krista shares knowledge, resources and ongoing developments for the intellectual/developmental disability (I/D D) community through this blog. From time to time, she also invites other experts, families and advocates to share their stories here. If you would like to hire Krista to speak to your organization, offer consultation for replication, or request additional resources to learn more about advocacy initiatives for Americans with differing abilities, please contact us.

When I compare Ben’s Hope to the other models out there, I think our main differentiator is the quality and depth of love. Starting with love means this is not just a job for us.
— Krista Mason
Aaron Stafford