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Home is a place where we feel the safety and love needed to be ourselves.



Our 40-acre campus in Holland, Michigan offers semi-independent housing opportunities uniquely designed for adults with autism and other disabilities. The walking trails, worship experiences, petting barn and gardening activities are enjoyed by people throughout Ottawa County, Michigan, and beyond. The neighborhood of Benjamin’s Hope offers a place where adults of varying abilities choose to live and cultivate community with one another.

We believe environments are made to serve people. Every home at Benjamin’s Hope has such a different personality because the residents all shape what their homes look like and feel like. This is a place about celebrating uniqueness and relationship. That’s part of what makes Ben’s Hope so beautiful.
— Lynn Yntema,
 Director of Residential Services



Everything we do at Benjamin’s Hope is designed to help individuals of all abilities thrive and grow with one another, whether in the Ben’s Hope neighborhood or throughout the larger community.

For our direct care staff this means doing life together, building friendships and trust and recognizing beauty in one another.

Residents are encouraged to enjoy life as they see fit--participating in learning and work initiatives, cooking at home, growing community and enjoying leisure activities both as part of the neighborhood and beyond it.

Residents are empowered to make choices throughout their day that lead to wellness, connection and growth--enjoying the control of self-autonomy while also experiencing the safety of a community environment.

Participation in our full residential program may be funded through a privately paid monthly tuition or a contractual arrangement with a community mental health provider. Community mental health systems determine eligibility based on a multifaceted evaluation process.




Residents live in their own one-bedroom apartment or with a compatible roommate in a shared apartment. Each apartment has a family room and a private, accessible bath. Residents creatively decorate their apartments with their own furnishings. Residents choose to enjoy the privacy of their home, spend time with friends in the common area, work, take part in activities in the community and experience the beauty of the Ben’s Hope neighborhood and walking trails as they desire day to day.


Are there currently any openings at Benjamin’s Hope?
All of our homes are currently full to capacity.

Does a person have to have a specific diagnosis of autism to live at Benjamin’s Hope?
All of the men and women who have chosen to live at Benjamin’s Hope have a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability. Many, however not all, have a primary diagnosis of Autism or PDD-NOS. We serve people with a wide range of function and needs to include, if needed, full personal care support and behavioral support. Per licensing we cannot accept, retain, or care for a resident who requires continuous nursing care.

How are residential services typically paid for?
The majority of our residents receive Medicaid funding through a contractual arrangement with their community mental health provider. Community Mental Health systems determine eligibility based on a multifaceted evaluation process. For this reason, we recommend those interested in residential services consult with their local CMH before contacting Benjamin's Hope.  

How can I get my loved one on the waiting list for placement for residential services?
Our residents are all over 18 years old and have been deemed eligible for specialized residential placement through Community Mental Health. Because placement relies on CMH involvement, we do not maintain a traditional “first come, first served” wait list.

More Information

If you desire to explore potential residential opportunities, please have your Supports Coordinator inquire at 616-399-6293.

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