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A life of purpose starts with Learning what we love and who we are.  



We live out the Learn aspect of our care model through various forms of community programming.

Life Enrichment
Life Enrichment gathers together Ben’s Hope residents and members of the larger community, every weekday from 9am to 3pm. Programming gives participants the chance to learn, farm, create and volunteer both at Benjamin's Hope and throughout our community.

We are proud to offer Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) training at Benjamin’s Hope to our residents, their families as well as members of the larger community. Founded with a core value of assumed intelligence, Ben’s Hope continues to research forms of communication that help those with developmental differences connect with their world. RPM is one such method, with evidence of empowering those with nonverbal communication styles to express their intelligence and inner thoughts.

I believe RPM has given my son a voice that he never felt he had before. My son understands a lot of things, he just has a hard time regulating his body.  However, with RPM, he is learning to communicate with people.
— Cindy, Parent to a Ben’s Hope resident


We welcome all who desire to participate in the community at Benjamin’s Hope through spiritual, emotional, cognitive, physical and occupational engagement in the following areas:

  • Community Volunteering

  • Community Life Skills

  • Rapid Prompting Method

  • Physical Fitness

  • Spiritual Engagement

  • Daily Living

  • Barn and Garden

  • Learning Center



Who participates in the Life Enrichment programming at Ben’s Hope?
As a Medicaid funded program, Life Enrichment accepts participants who are approved by their county to join in Ben’s Hope programming. In addition, there is a private pay option.

What is included in a typical day of Life Enrichment programming?
Life Enrichment shifts from day to day; however, programming regularly includes devotions, praise and worship, fitness classes, a daily snack, volunteerism in the community, creating products to send to market, discussion of news and current affairs, farming and gardening.

How does Life Enrichment work in conjunction with special education programming?
Life Enrichment occurs at the same time as the special education programming offered through the public school system. Residents who participate in special education programming do not typically engage in our life enrichment programming during the school year.

How can I learn more about RPM?
Our team is always excited to share more about the benefits, process and training of RPM. Feel free to contact us so we can send you more information.

How can I get more involved in the Learn aspect of the Ben’s Hope care model?
Whether you are looking to participate or to offer a new component to our life enrichment curriculum, we are excited to talk with you more. Please contact us to start a conversation.

More Information

Whether you’d like to explore a business partnership opportunity with Ben’s Hope or you are looking to enroll in our Life Enrichment program, we would love to connect with you.