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A place to experience genuine love.



We believe in the unique gifts everyone brings, and we offer a lot of different opportunities to involve the larger community in what we do. So whether you are looking to learn a bit more about what we do, want to contribute your unique gifts to keeping our organization going or would like the opportunity to hang out with the people who make Ben’s Hope the wonderful place that it is, there’s a place for you here that’s unlike anywhere else.

I have volunteered at Benjamin’s Hope for many years, and I think I’m drawn to this work because everyone I have met at Benjamin’s Hope– residents and staff – exemplify what a loving and caring community should be.
— Terry DeJong, Retired Teacher, Benjamin’s Hope Volunteer

About us | Education

Ben’s Hope offers field trips and tours for schools and businesses to encourage conversations about diversity and inclusion. We’ll show you our model of care in action, tell you our history and help start conversations to broaden the thinking and sensitivity of your group. Tours can be tailored to children or adults and offer a great first step in connecting neurotypical audiences with the rich and beautiful world that exists outside of their “normal.”

For us | Maintenance & Support

As a 501 (c3), we’re grateful for the individuals and businesses that contribute their time and resources to keep our organization well maintained. Some of our ongoing volunteer opportunities in this area include:

- Carpet cleaning
- Plumbing
- Supply drives
- Groundskeeping
- Mechanical assistance
- Worship arts
- Business sponsorships
- Charity tap takeovers

If you or your company offer similar skills/services that you feel would enhance the Benjamin’s Hope mission, we would love to hear from you.

With us | Care & Relationship

There are so many ways to build relationship and connection at Benjamin's Hope. With our extensive grounds and frequent activities, we welcome volunteers of all abilities to get involved and spend some time building meaningful friendships as a part of our community. Some of our volunteer opportunities in this area include:

- Club Connect (high school and college students)
- Barn & garden care (all ages)
- Cleaning crew (college and above)
- Life enrichment programing segment (college and above)
- Wingman program (encouraging regular one-on-one relationship for college students and older)


All volunteer opportunities start by filling out a volunteer application. After we learn a bit more about you, we can get started with finding a good fit for you at Benjamin’s Hope.